Welcome to PRIME HQ 8.2!

Version 8.2.4 (2/21/2024)

  • Fix to Task Editor page for projects linked to deleted templates.
  • Internal Prime projects mapped to Operations

Version 8.2.3 (2/10/2024)

  • Fix to contacts advanced query on publications by name.

Version 8.2.2 (1/17/2024)

  • Update to related business logic to order primary relationships before secondary.
  • Fix to sales portal filter reset when no publications and no reps are specified.
  • Sales portal filter updated to All Publications, and Active/Pending Publications.

Version 8.2.1 (1/14/2024)

  • Category Listing no longer unchecked when status changed to Not Sold.

Version 8.2 (1/11/2024)

  • New Project indicator for Billable. Timelogs inherit billability from Project level.
  • Phase added to Interactions and Timelogs.
  • Project Template associations to projects to allow phase inheritance.
  • Support for Phase grouping in Project Detail, Business Detail and Timelogs Manager.
  • Chamber discount switched from boolean to numeric amount, customizable for each publication.
  • Referred To and Referred By added as business relationship types.
  • Fix to from/to override dates in Project Detail.
  • Fix Contacts advanced filter.
  • Update to publication listing editor to not blank out listing when status changed to interested or contact made.
  • Update to Multiple guide discount to include chamber guides if chamber discount is not applied.