Welcome to PRIME HQ 8.5

Version 8.5 (4/30/2024)

  • New Main Marketing Consultant field at the Business level.
  • Businesses grid filter updated to filter on main marketing consultant when no media selected.
  • Business detail community tab updated to detail main marketing consultant.
  • Business editor enhanced to allow main marketing consultant to be specified and fanned out to specific media.
  • Reassign Marketing Consultants tool enhanced to include main marketing consultant and the ability to select multiple consultants to evenly shuffle to.
  • Rename/Standardization of Consultant to Marketing Consultant in the interface.
  • Support for locking marketing consultants, icon indicator on general and community media tabs.
  • Ability to add items to a marketing plan from the wizard.
  • Marketing Plan wizard updated to skip step 1 when adding from a business.
  • New Project Wizard updated to skip step 1 when adding from a business.
  • Marketing Plan Editor enhanced to include Project Template selection when creating project.
  • Ability to enter in Main Contact when creating a new business.
  • Ability to add Media when creating a new business.
  • New quick note entry for 'Revisions Needed'.
  • Related Businesses panel in Business editor collapsed by default when no records.
  • Audit trail enhanced to log changes to marketing consultant and account manager.
  • Ability to mass add businesses to media by city.
  • Add media to business window reworked with hierarchical checkbox tree.
  • Publish panel hidden in Contact Editor.
  • Businesses and Contacts moved under Agency menu.

Version 8.5.1 (5/2/2024)

  • Marketing Consultant Shuffler updated to exclude sold and inactive publication listings.