Welcome to PRIME HQ 8.7

What's New in 8.7 (6/24/2024)

  • Sales Portal updated to only show business-level callbacks when filtered to all publications. When filtering to specific publication(s), only callbacks pertient to those publications will be listed.
  • Sales Portal Renewals panel updated to show Callbacks in addition to renewals.
  • Clickable 'Unassigned' entry in Sales Portal leads table.
  • Ability to refine category selection in marketing plan wizard.
  • Marketing plan date filter updated to use last modified date instead of creation date.
  • Marketing plan publish algorithm updated to quell duplicate category listings.
  • Marketing plan category list prefaced with 'Categories:' in published document.
  • Fix to Products cache so that it gets cleared upon publication duplication.
  • Link to Release Notes in the footer.

PRIME-HQ 8.7.1 (6/26/2024)

  • Fix to duplicate website listings in production addresses.
  • Marketing plan wizard updated to only include categories into publications marked for category listings.