Welcome to PRIME HQ 8.6

PRIME-HQ v8.6.3 (6/5/2024)

  • Update to Send To Production page to not auto-default Advertisement on.
  • Sales Category and Rating filters added to Sales Portal Businesses.

PRIME-HQ v8.6.2 (6/3/2024)

  • Update to Marketing Agreement publication engine to use categories from publication listing.

PRIME-HQ v8.6.1 (5/29/2024)

  • Fix to new marketing agreement wizard duplicate category selection.
  • Removal of non-related publications from Sales Portal Callbacks.
  • Inclusion of 6 client/trade checkbox fields in new marketing agreement.

PRIME-HQ v8.6 (5/28/2024)

  • Callback dates supported at the business level in addition to media level.
  • New Callback panel on home page for business callbacks and media callbacks.
  • Business callbacks display on Business Detail, clickable to edit.
  • Support for snooze and delete of callbacks.
  • Enhanced Marketing Agreement Detail with columns for Ad Status and Action if linked to a Publication Listing.
  • Redesigned Marketing Agreement Editor with new Statuses and animation when sold.
  • Consolidation of Marketing Agreement Statuses from Signed to Sold and 'Sold Individual' to Sold.
  • Date Sold automatically set to today's date when marketing agreement is marked as sold.
  • Marketing Agreement Editor updated with ability to set all publication listing statuses to Not Sold when the agreement status is set to Not Sold.
  • Marketing Agreement Editor updated with ability to set all publication listing statuses to Ready for Production when the agreement status is set to Sold.
  • Publication Listing automatically populated ad, categories and business listing details when marked as sold.
  • Publication Listings in Business Detail updated to include links to Marketing Agreement if/when applicable.
  • New Marketing Agreement Wizard updated to assign Ads and Categories to Publication Listings.
  • Sales Portal Businesses tab ability to sort by City or Rating.
  • Sales Portal Businesses updated to sort properly when grouped.
  • Sales Portal Businesses tab Items Per Page updated to store selection in cookie.
  • New icons for Rating.
  • Publication statuses added to new marketing plan wizard tree selection.
  • Publication statuses added to Join Media dialog.
  • New admin tool for setting multiple publicating listing statuses at once.
  • Refinements to add items to marketing plan from wizard to ensure discounts and notes retained.
  • Add items to marketing plan from wizard moved to top left control area.