Welcome to PRIME HQ 8.4

Version 8.4 (4/6/2024)

  • Category standardization to new PRIME Standard category list.
  • Script to rename Buffalo categories to PRIME Standard.
  • All media wired to use PRIME Standard category list except for Elk River Community Guides.
  • Updates to Category Selector page to use new standardized list, locked headers.
  • Updates to Category manager to disable legacy category types.
  • Backwards compatibility to honor original categories for ads already sold.
  • Fix to Sales Rep Manager Media selection.
  • Update to task and timelog emails font specification to not reference
  • When projects are marked declined or closed, logic update to delete tasks without timelogs and tasks that aren't complete.

Version 8.4.1 (4/8/2024)

  • Update to Marketing Plan Item Editor to use the new PRIME Standard categories.

Version 8.4.2 (4/9/2024)

  • Fix to category dropdown in the Marketing Plan Item Editor to include the last category.
  • Add Tasks from Templates updated to add relevant roles to project.