Welcome to PRIME HQ 8.1!

Version 8.1.7 (12/6/2023)

  • Ability to group Timelogs by Project Type
  • Timelog table grouping expand/collapse support
  • Expand All, Collapse All support in Timelog table
  • Update to Business Export engine to include fields for Business Email, Main Contact Direct Phone, Main Contact Mobile Phone and Main Contact Email
  • Icon for billing contact

Version 8.1.6 (12/4/2023)

  • Fix to billing contact in marketing plan editor

Version 8.1.5 (11/30/2023)

  • Support for quarterly and annual recurring tasks and template tasks
  • Set Page button right-aligned

Version 8.1.4 (11/28/2023)

  • Removal of threading from Sales Portal Interactions
  • Clickable Business in SalesPortal Interactions table

Version 8.1.3 (11/25/2023)

  • Support for project template owner
  • Fix to publication editor to log interactions when sending to production

Version 8.1.2 (11/20/2023)

  • Fix for multiple employee selection in new TimeLog creation

Version 8.1.1 (11/19/2023)

  • Support for multiple employee selection in new TimeLog creation
  • New project wizard updated to require project manager selection
  • Fix to project template header and footer alignments

Version v8.1 (11/16/2023)

  • Support for Project Template Phases - inheritted down to projects
  • Phase selection in new project wizard
  • Revamp to publication listing editor - new Interaction panel
  • Paging system included on Sales Portal Businesses tab
  • Fix to Businesses page, publication options selections
  • Fix to publication duplication process to clear out statuses and dates
  • Correction to duplicate business listings in Businesses page